The unconscious brain of my kid, in his own words

I wanted to share this transcript of a conversation my six-year-old son and I just had about a dream from which he’d woken up.  I think it’s equal parts adorable, fascinating, precocious and sad; decide for yourself:

“I just had a movie dream.  You know, that’s a dream that lasts as long as a movie in the nighttime, or it could also be a daydream.”

“What was it about?”

“Oh, well, it was kind of a ‘me Doctor Who’ dream.  I was Doctor Who?  And I brought dinosaurs to life from time to time?  And then my daddy was trapped in a car.” (Makes a brief sorrowful face.)  “His doors were locked and his windows were locked and I tried to get him out but he died.  I think the cyloprotodons got him.  They’re predators.  I don’t know why I thought the were herbivores.  I meant to do herbivores, but I accidentally did predators instead.”

“I’m sorry!  That’s terrible!”

(Shrugs and goes back to smiling.)  “Yeah.  Well, at least I survived.”

“That’s good.”

“And I saved my mommy.  Yeah, you were in it too.”

“Oh, okay.”

“And I saved all the other people.  Everyone’s doors were locked and their window things were broken.  And my robot, the one that helps me make them, the dinosaurs?  It kept getting clogged up with fuel.  Cause, see, it made all this gunk in the insides of it?  So I had to keep cleaning it out.  I had a lake where nothing lives where I dumped it.  It ran on the ocean currents.  Like, when the ocean’s currents are less, and it doesn’t move as much, then I dump the oil in there.  Nothing lives there, but I did build a little bridge across it for people to walk on.”

“So it sounds like you were a really good person in the dream, a hero.”

“Heh!  Yeah, I guess I was.  But my daddy died.  I couldn’t save him.  But I saved Mommy, and everybody else.”

“Okay, well, good night, Doctor.”

“Heh!  Maybe I’ll have a different movie dream this time.  I love you THIS MUCH!”


A funny thing about this is that a few hours before this convo, as these kids nowadays like to say, I was watching, alone with headphones, the newest episode of Doctor Who starring an excellent Peter Capaldi (although the slapstick camerawork, stunts, and sound effects were quite a bit too much at times, even though the writing was largely better than most of the last two seasons)– but anyway, the point is that the episode featured a rather prominent predatory dinosaur.  But my kid also rewatched his favorite episode, “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” a few days ago * , so as he would probably say, “Heh.”  An all-purpose response.

* NB:  It wasn’t a bad episode overall, but really, Nefertiti and the creepy, narcissistic, misogynist “big game hunter” hook up at the end, after his crude, aggressive attempts at “flirting” throughout the episode?  What a cop out.  They should have had her dropkick his testicles, which are obviously where his brain lay, instead.  Thanks again for the sexism, Moffat, you soggy piece of bog paper.  And I’ll never forgive you for what you did to Irene Adler, anyway.


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