I am minotaurheadcheese, Lord Schwarzwald

Just your average bipolar autist, currently employed in the study of dusty old books; the storage of my head in the clouds; loving, teaching, and learning from my adorable son; being totally smitten with my amazing Person of Interest; and the protection of the ignorant from the minions of the Dark Lord.  My hobby, around which this blog is constructed, is the picking apart of my life and the theoretical issues that surround it, hopefully for the edification or at least entertainment of others.  I’m good at being sarcastic, ambivalent, and critical, and not very good at being concise, as you will see.

I am always eager to engage with discussion of any sort about the topics I cover here or life the universe and everything, so I encourage you to leave comments, and will try to respond to them as promptly and thoroughly as possible.  But you know what they say, you can’t have fast, good and cheap all at once, so it will cost you a premium, payable in nerdy scifi wares, unlimited Usenet access, or Cheese of the Month club subscriptions, k thx.  (If you can guess the origin/significance of any part of my alias, you win a free response for your powers of deduction, you lucky sod.)  Also, if you have or know of a blog in which I might be interested, put it up there!  I love to read others’ miscellaneous ponderings as well.


2 thoughts on “I am minotaurheadcheese, Lord Schwarzwald

  1. blahpolar says:

    I think I love your blog.

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